Release 1.1.68

/api/v1/private/buy, /api/v1/private/sell, /api/v1/private/edit changes:

  • Possibility to place options' Advanced Orders (implied volatility and USD) has been added. It is applicable for options only.
  • New parameter adv has been added, which can be "implv", "usd", or absent.
  • In case of adv=implv, field price must be a value of implied volatility (in percentages), e.g., price=100, means implied volatility of 100%
  • In case of adv=usd, field price must be the option price value in USD
  • It is not allowed to combine adv=implv or adv=usd parameter with post_only=true
  • adv field in the option-order objects (returned by order-related APIs) has been added
  • adv parameter is not applicable to futures, ignored
  • API edit limitation - it is not allowed to change adv from "implv" to "usd" and vice versa via /api/v1/private/edit (as well as from empty "adv" to "implv" or "usd" and vice versa) - if necessary to do that, just cancel it and add the new order.

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