Release 1.2.22

added stop limit orders.

/api/v1/private/buy, /api/v1/private/sell changes:

  • added optional "type" parameter (default type="limit" - limit order, and type="stop\_limit" for stop limit orders. for stop limit orders, parameters "stopPx" (trigger price) and "execInst" (execution instruction, values "index_price" and "mark_price") has been added.

/api/v1/private/getopenorders changes:

  • added added optional "type" parameter (default type="limit"), when type is absent or equal to "limit" the API returns open orders, if type="stop_limit"

order object, returned by buy, sell, cancel, getopenorders etc, has been changed:

  • added "stopPx", "execInst", "triggered", and state="untriggered" for stop limit orders.

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