Important notice for APIv1 users regarding ETH market

All methods where you do not specify the exact instrument name were extended with new "currency" parameter for which default value (if parameter is not specified in request) is "BTC". E.g. if you want to get information about your positions using /private/positions method with not specified currency parameter will return only BTC positions.

For Future and Perpetual instruments:

The "quantity" field is contract size aware so specifying quantity=1 in /private/buy for BTC instrument right now mean one 10$ contract, and quantity=1 for ETH instrument mean one 1$ contract. We added new field "amount" which is always in USD so you can use it in your requests instead of "quantity".

We also extend responses to methods related to order state, current positions, etc. with fields having "amount" suffix to always show the exact value in USD, so for instance order state reports "quantity" in contrats, "filledQuantity" in contracts, "max_show" in contracts but also "amount" in USD, "filledAmount" in USD and "max_show_amount" in USD.

API Console V1 has been moved to: -- production server -- testnet server

  • API v1 supports ETH currency now.
Further development will be focused on API v2:

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