Deribit API Overview

Deribit provides three different interfaces to access the API:

Before using any of these calls, you will need to enable API access. To do so, go to Account > API tab > Access tab. On this page, you'll also find your Access key and Access secret. These are required to authenticate to the FIX API, and to sign requests made to private RPC endpoints.

Important Note: Do not reveal to anybody your 'Access Secret', as it can be used to gain full access to your account.

With the API Console, you can use and test the RPC API, both via HTTP and via Websocket. To visit the API v1 console, go to :

Note, My Account > API tab > API Console tab now leads to API v2 API console. API v2 docs are here


Deribit tradeable assets or instruments use following system of naming:

Kind Examples Template Comments
Future BTC-25MAR16, BTC-5AUG16 BTC-DMMMYY BTC is currency, DMMMYY is expiration date, D stands for day of month, MMM – month (3 first letters in English), YY stands for year
Option BTC-25MAR16-420-C, BTC-5AUG16-580-P BTC-DMMMYY-STRIKE-K STRIKE is option strike price in USD. Template K is option kind: C for call options or P for put options.

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